Be Bold

We believe nothing is impossible, for us and for you, and that just with a little more effort a lot more could be achieved, we do that extra, walk that one more mile so we could serve you the very best.

Only The Best Fabrics

We don’t do fashion like anyone else does fashion,we look between the lines to bring you the freshest clothing, and accessories.we select the best of fabrics when making our shirts, trousers or native cloths.

No more heartbreaks and disappointments with tailors, all you need do is fill our online form, and we would contact you via email or phone, after payment is made you get your cloth delivered within 3 days for those in Lagos and a few days more for those outside Lagos.

We Are Fast


We care, we are not satisfied till you are happy, we have the friendliest customer care personnel to answer your questions, complaints and suggestion on Facebook, email, Instagram, phone call.

We Care

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